920915A - Overrunning Alternator Decoupling (OAD) Pulley

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Litens Automotive is the original equipment supplier to Chevrolet Camaro decoupling alternator pulley. This replacement pulley is also designed and produced by Litens and is exact in all form, fit, and performance characteristics as the original equipment part (with the exception of not having the car manufacturer's logo or part number applied to the part). Decoupling pulleys are engine specific and should never be interchanged with other types of pulley technology. The Litens OAD type pulley is designed to free-wheel in one direction and, with an internal spring and damping device and softly engage in the opposite direction. The OAD is designed as a sacrificial part of the front-end accessory drive system, protecting other belt driven component as well as the alternator. The correct decoupler pulley ensures smooth, quiet performance as well as increasing vehicle gas mileage. Under normal driving conditions, the original pulley will require replacement in approx. 60,000 - 100,000 miles. Specifically designed for 2010and newer Camaro's with a 3.6L engine and the Saturn Vue (2009 and newer). Supplied with a new protective cap. Under normal driving conditions, it is best to replace this alternator pulley at 80,000 miles
Product Features:
  • Patented Original Equipment Design. Manufactured by the original equipment part supplier to insure proper form, fit, and performance.
  • Protects the alternator and other front-end accessory drive components.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • New plastic cap included with the OAD.
  • Tools Required - Litens recommends using an extra long Torx 50 driver bit and a 17X20 spline tool such as a Miller Special Tools P/N 8823
  • Professional mechanics can install this replacement OAD in approximately 1 hour. During alternator replacement, belts, tensioners, and routing pulleys should be inspected.

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