930005A - Alternator Decoupling Pulley (OAP)

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INA (The Schaeffler Group) is the original equipment supplier for this alternator pulley used on Volkswagen 1.9L Diesel L engines. This replacement pulley is also designed and produced by INA and is exact in all form, fit, and performance characteristics as the original equipment part (with the exception of not having the car manufacturer's logo or part number applied to the part). Decoupling alternator pulleys are engine specific and should never be interchanged with other types of pulley technology. The INA OAP type pulley is designed to absorb engine torsional vibrations, isolating them from the belt drive system. The OAP is designed as a sacrificial part of the front-end accessory drive system, protecting other belt driven component. The OAP alternator pulley ensures smooth, quiet performance. The pulley decouples the alternator from the belt drive system by engaging and free-wheeling during changes in engine speed . Under normal driving conditions, the original pulley will require replacement in approx. 70,000 - 90,000 miles.
Product Features:
  • Original Equipment Design
  • Protects the front-end accessory drive components.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • New plastic cap included with the OAP.
  • Tools Required - 17mm Spline Bit Driver (included)
  • 50mm O.D.; 14.5mm I.D; 6-ribbed running surface; 40.5mm Width; Steel. For use with a 6 rib serpentine belt. 17mm Spline tool included.

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