999425A - Automatic Serpentine Belt Tensioner

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The original tensioner on this Toyota vehicle was a hydraulic design that often exhibited a low frequency noise during early morning cool/cold start-ups. There have been a number of "Fixes" recommended for this problem without much success. The Litens "Fix-Kit" uses various components of the latest tensioner, belt, and alternator pulley technology to offer a permanent solution. The kit consists of a new tensioner with a "mechanical" spring (999418A), a new decoupling alternator OAD pulley (920834A), and a new Goodyear serpentine belt (4060740). As the largest original equipment tensioner supplier to Toyota, Litens understands the drives and offers this solution to resolve this problem.
Product Features:
  • Manufactured by the world's largest Original Equipment supplier of accessory drive tensioners and pulleys.
  • Internal "round spring" technology to provide constant belt tension and alignment throughout its service life.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • Heavy Duty Polymer pulley
  • Professional Mechanics will change this tensioner in about 1 hour.
  • Due to the fact that belts and tensioners have similar Original Equipment "design life targets", it is often a best practice to replace the belt tensioner when replacing a worn or broken belt. Belt removal is required to change the tensioner. Therefore doing both together will extend accessory drive life and lower overall labor versus performing these services separately.

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