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September 21st, 2020
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Litens High Performance Provides Belt Control Solutions for Magnuson Supercharger LS Platforms

(09-21-2020)- Litens High Performance produces the stock supercharger pulley for the Hellcat Challenger, the Hellcat Charger, the Trackhawk, the Hellcat Redeye, and the Demon. Having great success in the aftermarket for supercharger decouplers and pulleys, Litens High Performance has dropped another bombshell into the supercharger market—this time for the Magnuson LS users.

Litens High Performance designed and produced a belt drive system for Magnuson Supercharger LS users to offer more consistent belt control and boost performance. Belt control, along with belt slippage, has been challenging to Magnuson users when seeking maximum performance and boost. Litens High Performance has designed the solution they have needed.

Litens High Performance collaborated with Don O’Neal, NHRA Top Sportsman Driver, who utilizes the Magnuson 2650. O’Neal is consistently reaching elapsed times in the 6.7-6.8 range at over 200 miles per hour. Litens and O’Neal operated countless hours using a hub dyno and utilized on-track performance to design this belt drive system.

The Litens LS Supercharger Belt Drive System was designed by Litens High Performance and distributed by Tendeco to performance shops around North America. This tensioner utilizes a billet steel pulley, T6061 Billet Arm, and Spindle, with dual ball bearings for improved belt alignment control. The tensioner provides increased pivot diameter, which allows for a 20 percent higher torque output to avoid belt slip conditions. The superior quality allowed for higher supercharger RPMs and increased boost output.

Information about the Drive System, ordering and questions, can be answered by using the website link, Modifications and continued updates for accessories are ongoing for the configuration.

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