900554A - Idler/Tensioner Pulley

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Litens Automotive is the original equipment (O.E.) supplier of this idler pulley assembly for a wide range of General Motors vehicles and applications. The Litens replacement part meets all form, fit, and performance characteristics of the original equipment part (with the exception of not having the car manufacturer's logo or part number applied to the part). This part is manufactured to the same exacting specifications as the O.E. part. Like the original part, this pulley is manufactured of heavy duty steel for maximum life and performance. This is a complete pulley ASSEMBLY including the steel pulley, dust shield, and mounting bolt.
Product Features:
  • Manufactured by the original equipment part supplier to insure proper form, fit, and performance.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Pulley. Pre-assembled pulleys save installation time and insure that all components are assembled to original specifications for both installation and performance.
  • Precision steel stamping with close tolerance ball bearing pocket.
  • Electro-deposited coating (e-coat) for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Running surface designed and engineered for proper belt tracking.
  • 76mm O.D.; 17mm I.D.; 30.5mm width for a rib serpentine belt, Smooth non-flanged running surface, steel construction.
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